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DMAC Industries manufactures a line of riser cabinets custom designed for AFC/Tellabs, Motorola Next Level, Telstrat, and Calix remote digital carrier systems. Our cabinets are used both as risers and splice enclosures. Each riser is designed specifically to mount the DLC remote equipment with no modifications.


Risers are now available for the AFC/Tellabs Sierra 200 and Calix ODC10 and ODC20/40

(Also Available --Risers for Motorola Next-Level 420 and 820)

         Replacing your AFC UMC-1000 cabinets with Sierras? We can smooth the way!  (Click here.)


DMAC cabinets offer a more attractive alternative to pole-mount or pad-mount sites. They also provide room inside for organizing/storing fiber loops and copper splices. A removable front panel provides access to the interior, where there are welded 'towel bar'-type racks on three sides for organizing cables and fiber. All our cabinets are powder coated, inside and out, to match the carrier manufacturer's color and texture. Several heights are available (18" shown below right) for most systems, and other heights on special order

    blip   Raises equipment to a safer, comfortable height    

      blip   Storage space inside for fiber loops and splices

      blip   Eliminates the need for a Vault or Hand-hole

      blip   Racks around three walls provide anchoring/mounting

      blip   Powder-coat matches DLC equipment finish exactly

      blip   Esthetically pleasing; creates a more attractive site

      blip   Available in several heights, for Tellabs, Calix, Next Level, and Telstrat Systems

      blip   Front panel handle, lock, and bolts are at the top edge for easy access. 

       blip  No cutting or drilling required--custom mounting for specific DLC remote

Links for specific DMAC models and sizes for:  >>     AFC/TELLABS   CALIX  MOTOROLA NEXT LEVEL    TELSTRAT    

Links for more information: >>    FAQ FILE    ACCESSORIES   PHOTO GALLERY  

Open Riser with Splice

This view shows a stored
fiber loop and closure, and a
150-pair copper splice inside
DMAC riser with a 120-line
AFC remote (Access panel removed).
(Click on picture to enlarge)


Convenient Maintenance 

(AFC 120-line remote shown)





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Links to DLC Manufacturers' Websites >>  AFC/TELLABS  CALIX  MOTOROLA NEXT LEVEL   TELSTRAT   

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